STEP model generated using Opencascade fails to open correctly

Dear All,

I attached an stp file generated using PythonOCC (python bindings of Opencascade).
The model opens nicely in a number of programs I tried: Ansys, Autodesk Inventor, Creo... However, in Mecway it shows just one part.
I wonder if you could take a look at it - thanks in advance!



  • As reference: the model looks like the attached pic in the pythonOCC native viewer.
    1024 x 747 - 90K
  • As far as I remember, Mecway only allow for one body in each step file. You mention that only open one part, so is a normal behaviour for Mecway. Try to export only one part for step file.
  • Hi Sergio,

    you are right, this is the problem. Thank you for the answer! I'll see if I can glue stuff together.

    Do you know if this limitation will ever be lifted? It certainly would make sense.
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