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Mecway is a comprehensive user friendly finite element analysis package for Windows with a focus on mechanical and thermal simulation such as stress analysis, vibration and heat flow. It is inexpensive and has an intuitive graphical interface for easy mesh creation and display of solutions.


  • Linear dynamic, static, geometric nonlinearities, thermal, buckling, acoustic, etc.
  • Wide range of element, load and material types
  • Both manual and automatic meshing tools
  • Up to 1,000,000 nodes in 64 bit mode
  • CAD associativity


  • Very quick learning curve
  • Instant feedback on errors as you work
  • Modern Windows interface
  • Visualize your models both graphically and in an outline tree
  • Units aware


  • Verification examples with hand calculations
  • 20 years of development history
Version 2.0 Angled screenshot
A deformed view of a bellcrank with color contour plot Two circular rings of waves on a plate An deformed view of an I-beam with color contour plot A deformed mesh of a wheel A transformer with color contour plot A railway wagon model with different colored members A circular truss structure

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Italian and English languages, EC directive compliance, structural analysis, pressure vessels, CFD, fracture mechanics.

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