How can Mecway adapt its automeshing to the shape of a surface?

Hi all,

I've been trying to generate a mesh on a simple C beam, straight, no curvature. The operation is really fast, no complains on that. However the elements don't follow the shape and some triangles are spotted randomly within the grid of four-sided elements.

As a result, the mesh isn't a neat grid of squares, but a set of resulting quad elements. Would there be a way of having a 2D adaptive mesh? I've been trying another meshing tools, but their capacity is reduced (foreseeable as they are free software).

Thanks in advance,


2D mesh - comments (01).png
1608 x 286 - 18K
2D mesh - comments (02).png
1596 x 341 - 21K


  • For a rectangle like this, you can make it from a single element then use Mesh tools -> Refine Custom to get a structured mesh.

    Usually those distortions don't matter though. What's the reason for wanting the elements to be square?

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