Mesh-Step Integration

Hello Everybody,

I have an step file that I have mesh outside Mecway.
I can import both , the mesh and the step file into Mecway.
¿Is there a way I can use the step geometry to help me select a set of nodes that rest on top of a certain surface?. I can do it when the mesh is generated directly in Mecway but I can't find the way to do it when they are imported separately.
Thanks in advance.
Test Partition.rar


  • Mesh doesn't contain informations about geometry so importing separately all relations will be lost.
    If you prepare a inp or unv mesh file you must creates node set or element set before exporting the mesh.

    Inside Mecway you can select nodes or elements and creates a set by "named selection" command

    Seems that you have created the step file using Salome platform. All operations of create nodeset and element set are supported by Salome
  • Hi Andrea. Thanks for the hint. You are right , it was meshed with Salome. I have been looking for "create node set function and I can’t find it neither forums or help files.
    ¿Is it in the mesh module.?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Look at old discussion about "Salome" on my post history

  • Thanks Andrea. I will look at. It seems what I'm searching for.
  • It works :D !! . Thanks Andrea and Sergio.
    Seems I’m closer to stablish a proper workflow.

    Tank's both.
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