Pausing/Saving Partial Simulation

I have a very large simulation that takes days to run, and it consumes a great deal of my computer's resources (I have 64GB of RAM and it takes nearly all of it) so I cannot leave it running in the background and do any serious CAD work. Is there a way to pause the simulation and free up resources for a time and then start it back up again? Can I save off a partial result and resume calculations later?


  • Look for the *RESTART card on the CCX documentation, I never use it but is what you need it.

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    By the way, there are online some clusteres availables ready to solve your problem for very few money, maybe that´s a better solution for such a big model.
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    By the way, we can choose the quantity of cores used by the simulation using system variables, but is also possible limit the memory that it takes

    Have found this fr Windows 7, will try later on my Win10 machine

    "On Win7, open msconfig, then Boot panel => Advanced options => check Maximum memory and set the limit in the textbox below the checkbox => Restart. This limits the total memory usage."
  • Thank you Sergio. I made my model a bit smaller, but now I am getting an out of memory message after just a few minutes of running. I have 64GB of RAM so I am not sure why this is being thrown. I will look into the max memory options listed above. I am running on Windows 10.
  • Can you share a picture of your model maybe? I'm a little curious of how to get such big model working
  • the model has about 1.3M nodes and about 700,000 elements. The Mecway solver crashes with memory issues, though I have plenty of memory. In light of this I tried the CCX solver. It simply exits after some period of time with no messages other than "Solver exited" and a green window but there are no results shown in the solution tree. Do I have to do something special to see the CCX results?
  • I have similar issues with big models (maybe half of yours), no matter if the job is launched from Mecway or command line. Guess that is a problem with CCX memory managment.
  • The internal solver is limited to 16 or 32 GB because it uses the LP64 programming model with 32 bit array indices. I don't know about CalculiX but it could be the same.
  • That would explain it. Thanks.
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