structural engineering with Mecway

Hallo Mecway users!!
I'm interest in use Mecway in structural engineering.
Please look at struthon open-source project I working on -
I have just release new version with Mecway input interface for ConcretPanel application.
Here is video presentation


  • Sorry about my english if not perfect - my native is polish.
  • Very very impressive work Struthon!!!

    This is something that was in mind for several months, a way to make some kind of customization of Mecway for specific products.

    When you work for a company producing a specific line of products (by example rims, bottles, cans... whatever), you'll find that all parts are tested on the same boundary conditions changing only the geometry, so is a very repetitive task that could be automatized in some way (and then improve the work not only by less time but also as you remove the possibility of making a mistake and allowing a less experimented user to do it)

    What I'm doing in that cases is prepare a separate input file with the bounday conditions, that calls (*INCLUDE,INPUT=...) another inp with the mesh. By the moment I'm preprocesing (meshing and node sets creation) in Mecway, solving in CCX from Scite and then postprocessing in Mecway. I could improve this way of work doing the mesh/sets in Mecway, then import the inp. file with the boundary conditions and solve from Mecway, but I don't know how Mecway will deal importing an inp with multiple steps simulation as is my case.


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    Thank you Sergio.
    As civil engineer I'm not expert in fine element method. In structural engineering generally designers us all-in-one high level programs like Dlubal RFEM, Robotâ„¢ Structural Analysis etc. where user don't need to know much about fine element method and have no direct access to fine element. In fact all is needed in common building structure analysis is to get internal forces for elements - beam, columns, slabs and walls.

    Dear Victor, thank you for Mecway software, it would be really useful in structural engineering (global common building structure analysis) but there are same features I can't find in Mecway, the most important are:
    - beam element internal forces diagram,
    - beam element releases,
    - all shell internal forces - mu[Nm/m], mv[Nm/m], muv[Nm/m], nu[N/m], nv[N/m], nuv[N/m], vu[N/m], vv[N/m],
    - all type of support - I find only fixed support - is it possible to create for example Uz support?, what about the same but elastic?
    - mixed beam-shell model - there are some problem with column-slab connection - extra beam element in slab must be created to model be able calculate - look at the video

    Please give me know about this features in Mecway.
  • Yes, this is nice to see some integration even without an API!

    To answer your concerns:
    - Beam force diagrams - not currently
    - Beam releases - rotational DOF release is called "Flexible joint on beam". For translational DOF release, you can write constraint equations to connect the DOFs you want between two elements.
    - Moments are there. nu, nu, nuv I guess are force per length or stress averaged through thickness? So no, not currently. vu, vv?
    - A "Displacement" is a support in only in one direction. The only elastic support is normal to the face and for 2D faces like shell surfaces or solids. To get a special elastic support on a beam or arbitrary node, you can add a spring element to represent the elasticity.
    - Yes, that's a problem. Version 5 will allow bonded contact to be used to join a beam to a shell with all 6 DOF connected.
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    Victor, thanks for your answer.
    General notation is NX NY NXY (membrane forces), MX MY (bending moments) MXY (twisting moments), and QX QY (transverse shear forces).
    In Mecway we have:
    - MX MY MXY as "Moment per Length U","Moment per Length V","Moment per Length UV"
    - there are "Stress UU, Midplane","Stress VV, Midplane","Stress UV, Midplane" corresponding with NX NY NXY - must be multiply by shell thickness (Stress UU * t=NU etc.)
    -but there in no way to get QX QY in Mecway (for example is needed for punch or shear analysis in concrete slab).
    I will try your advices for releases and supports.
    Is there Mecway API documentation available??

  • Here you can find Mecway use examples for structural engineering design

    It is Mecway playlist of Struthon Project youtube channel.
    Please find StruthonConcretPanel example with geting data from Mecway

    StruthonConcretPanel create reinforcement map for structural walls and slabs (those are shell elements in Mecway model).
    Struthon project main site
    Struthon is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

    Here you can find models showed in examples
    Result report for building.liml model
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