Beam element + torsion

Hi everybody,
I was playing around with the new version of the software and I think I found something weird, maybe a bug. The web (beam element) in the CompositeBeam.liml sample file doesn't rotate as in the manual (see picture). So I tried with an another beam shape in a new file and same result. With CCX works fine and also with 7.0 internal.
What do you think?

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  • Thanks for pointing this out. It's sort of a bug. The beam rotation in the display is done using the Twist angle field variable instead of the 3 rotation components. However, Twist angle is no longer generated automatically in version 8 so it doesn't see that unless you add it. I'll have to fix this so it doesn't use Twist angle.
  • Yes if I add "twist angle" in the solution everything looks fine.
    Thank you!
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