Bonded contact for parts in CAD assembly

Hi, do the parts need to be already aligned to mate in the cad program before creating a bonded contact in Mecway? Reason I ask is that I can see they are in the tutorial for this.

I've imported 2 parts separately (that are not situated as in "mate" position, ie floating in space), but Mecway won't let me make a bonded contact between the 2 faces I want to join. I get this message "Some master faces are not 2D.."

The face highlighted is selected as the master, you can see that it should mate with the inner surface of the pad on the left side of the picture.
3524 x 1640 - 246K


  • The part must be well positioned in the CAD before exporting to Mecway. You could move it in Mecway, but the CAD will be quicker, easy and more accurate than moving/reorienting the mesh.
  • Awesome, thanks!
  • CAD model is well positioned, having all surfaces in contact, but showing same problem "Some master faces are not 2D.."
    1) Given contact between more than one surfaces(at master and slave, because they well in contact)
    2) Some surfaces are cylindrical/ perpendicular
    3) Some are split surfaces
    what are the reasons for problem "Some master faces are not 2D.." and how to resolve....
  • Can you share the .liml files with the associated steps files?
  • That probably means you're using shell edges as master faces which isn't allowed, but they can be slaves. So where an edge meets another surface perpendicularly, set the edge as slave and the 2D surface as master.

    If that's not your intention, maybe you accidentally selected some shell edges - they're hard to see.

    In case of two edges meeting, bonded contact doesn't support that. You might need to try to merge their nodes, or, and I'm only guessing here, maybe use CCX with TIED contact which you'd have to enter the cards for manually.
  • Hi
    Thanks for reply..
    That problem seems to be before meshing.
    After meshing it doesn't show.
    Am I right?
  • Oh yes, that looks like a bug showing the wrong error message sorry. You can just ignore it since it'll go away.
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