Hydrostatic load - CCX

I find the hydrostatic loading very useful. I don't believe that this loading is available for running CCX from Mecway; is this a possible/planned enhancement?
Regards, Tim


  • I might add it for linear analysis by exporting it as node forces. It won't work for non-linear though because they won't follow the moving mesh, and from what I can tell, CCX doesn't support non-uniform pressure loads without writing a user subroutine and recompiling.
  • I forgot about this, but you can use normal pressure and enter a formula to make it a linear function of position. That's the same as hydrostatic pressure when the edge of the selected faces is along the free surface.
  • Victor,
    Thank you, the export of node forces will be great.
    I will try the normal pressure with formula in the meantime.
    Regards, Tim
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