Configurations - Thermal results to static structural analysis

Hello Victor,
I'm conducting a thermal stress analysis where I need to run a thermal analysis and transfer the temperature results to a static 3d structural analysis, just as in the tutorial.
I wish to carry out several variations of the thermal analysis and I'm looking for the most efficient method.
I have experimented with Configurations and I believe that a change from Steady-state Thermal to Linear Static in one configuration, changes the analysis type in all configurations. Am I correct there?
Is it feasible (if not already possible) to enchance the Configuration functionality to allow a thermal configuration to be adjusted/rerun and the temperature results to be used in another Configuration (Static)? I envisage a dropdown, within the Transfer Temperatures From Solution load menu, that lists the available Configurations (filtered for those with thermal results) and then the temperatures can be transfered (this selection is made within a Configuration set as a Static analysis.
Regards, Tim


  • I see the convenience of having analysis type settable per configuration but I don't expect to make that change.

    If you have several configurations with different thermal solutions, you can still transfer all their temperature fields into static configurations by suppressing all existing node temperatures before transferring the next one. You'd have to then manually suppress/unsuppress them so only one is unsuppressed in each static configuration.

    I would use the same configuration for both thermal and static. Then you can solve them all in one batch for thermal and again in one batch for static.
  • Victor,
    Thank you for describing the method that you intend for managing different thermal solutions, I see the benefits over how I've worked to date.
    I suppose that if I make the first configuration contain all the envisaged thermal & structural selections/BCs/loads that these are carried into the creation of the new configuration; BCs & loads are then suppressed as necessary within each configuration.
    I appreciate your guidance.
    Regards, Tim
  • Yes, all configurations get all of them unsuppressed at first.
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