How model truss with "rigid" welded clusters, external moments and consider beam-column effects?

Greetings all-
I have a 3D truss structure that has many instances of welded clusters which effectively rotate and translate as an unit when under load. There are also many moments applied usually at a cluster, but not always. This requires a non-linear static 3D analysis to account for the beam-column effects due to the moments. When significant external moments are applied, the moment distribution along the tube's axis rapidly changes more than what a single beam element can accurately represent so the particular tube is modeled with several beam elements. Because tubes with these moments are present, the beam element must be a Line3 which requires CCX. However, page 51 of the manual does not include non-linear static 3D analysis for the Line3 element.

So how might I model this?


  • That's an omission from the manual sorry. The table is only for the internal solver. So yes, you can use line3 tube elements with nonlinear 3D and CCX.
  • Thanks Victor
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