Pressure Mapping from CSV file to element set

I have pressure coordinate data from CFD analysis in csv format for rotor blade structural analysis. So can I map it on the model? I saw a command called 'map' which can do that but it looks complicated for me to execute it.


  • Looking at *DLOAD, it seems like if you have a fluid model with node pressures, you can use PxNP to apply them to element faces. So maybe you could make a fake fluid model with all the pressures specified by your data, then use *DLOAD to map them onto element faces? Seems complicated though.

    You could use some other software to fit a mathematical function P(x,y,z) to the data, which you can enter the formula for in Mecway to get a nonuniform pressure. It might not capture all the details but perhaps an approximation like that is sufficient?
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    @Victor There will be many projects coming way that would need mapping and I dont think those complex data can have a scope for flexible approximations. So I a,m stuck there. Is There no chance that *dload cant take nodal pressure data from an ASCII file?
  • With *DLOAD, you can also write a user subroutine which could probably read the data from a file but I don't know anything about how to do that. If you need to recompile CCX, there are instructions in the file included in Mecway as well as various other places. From the CCX manual:

    "For nonuniform pressure the label takes the form PxNUy, and the user subroutine dload.f must be provided."
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