How create an RGB?

Hi all. I have a truss that is mostly pin jointed but has some areas that the applied external moments moments are too big to ignore. Of those, most can be beam elements but in a few places, the structure doesn't lend itself to beam elements but RGB's would be perfect. I have been searching the forum posts to find out how to create RGB's. From what I found, it appears I monkey with the input file by adding a card at its end. The card has the format:" *RIGID BODY, NSET=Load, REF NODE=nnn, ROT NODE=mmm” where "nnn" is the master node number and "mmm" is the slave. My questions are:
1) Is the above RGB discussion correct?
2) How are RGB's that have multiple rotation nodes handled? For a given RGB, separate cards for each rotation node but each card has the identical ref node? Or are all of the rotation nodes added to the card?
3) Only works on CCX solver?

Perhaps someone has a sample file they'd be willing to send me?
Thanks in advance.


  • Oops. I just discovered that the slave nodes can be a named node group. Answered my own question :-)
  • Just in case it helps, if you have smallish displacements, a simpler way to apply external moments to solids is with the moment load on a face selection. Mecway converts it to distributed forces for CCX.
  • Thanks Victor
  • Can I ask what RGB stands for? Googling this didn't help.
  • Maybe RBE: Rigid Body Element
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