ERROR - Index was outside the bounds of array

I am trying to open a step file (relatively simple model - flat plate with through holes) and get the referenced error.


  • I was able to import the step file into Freecad and then export it to another step file. I was able to open the Freecad exported step file. The original export step file was from SolidWorks.
  • Thanks for reporting this. When did the error appear? Immediately after opening the file, after meshing, at the start of meshing, or something else? Can you post more details that are shown with it, or better, the STEP file itself?
  • The error occurs while opening the file.
  • Thanks. This seems to be a bug in Netgen which is generating a corrupt surface preview. I don't know why it's happening but for the next version it'll show an error message and continue to read what it can so you can see the area of the model that had the failure.
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