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First of all ... Happy New Year to the Mecway fraternity !

I have used the Xmas break to brush up my FEA skills and experimented with a few work-flows for creating geometry->meshes/bc's/properties->analyses->post processing. What currently works best for me is FreeCAD->Mecway->CCX->Mecway. But I am also interested to use post processing in GMSH and/or Paraview, because of the additional flexibility. I read in a discussion from last year that adding VTK export was being considered, but cannot find this in version 8. So my question are: did VTK export get implemented or are there other (external) ways to create result files that GMSH or Paraview can import?

Thanks, Harry


  • Mecway still doesn't do that, sorry. I don't know of other ways.
  • I'm using a Windows utility (Vtk Post, but is not perfect.

    I have tryed others but all lack of basic features (not all elements are converted, some fields variables are missed...).

    I have identified four main features on Paraview not availables on Mecway:

    1) Transparences (but still didnĀ“t find a way to apply it to a single component of the model, as there is no component definition on the .frd/vtk file)
    2) Real cut planes and not element filtration as Mecway
    3) Possibility of add parts of the assembly not included in the simulation to have a whole view
    4) Overall better/professional grade graphic quality

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