How to make your own build of ccx ?

I recently used the build provided by @kwip and it worked flawlessly and it made me want to make a build of my own. I want to know how to start.


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    I'd suggest to install msys2 and follow Guidos installation guide. Instead of arpack I'd go with arpack-ng and along with this with openblas.
    A quite nice guide on how to start I found recently is

    Merry Christmas


    feel free to ask if there are any questions. I'll update the source code provided on github asap after Christmas
  • Thanks kwip for the response. I am a complete beginner at this and there is not enough material to know how to make your own build.Will be looking forward to your update in the github. If you ever get free time, then post a tutorial on youtube regarding this (I know its asking too much)

    Merry Christmas

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