How to simulate heating lamps on a plate


I am new to Mecway, and I haven't really used any other FEM software to a great extent either.

I want to decide position and illumination of a multiple lamp system in order to obtain uniform heating of a surface. Is it possible to simulate this in Mecway? The tutorials only tell you how to set temperature and heat flow on an element, which is not really what I am looking for.

Attached an image to explain.
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  • This sounds more like a geometry problem. I don't think FEA would help with it.

    The CCX solver has a capability of modelling radiation between surfaces. However the radiating surfaces have to emit uniformly in all directions, so it might work if you can make a suitable geometry for the lamps to fit that. See the CCX manual for details since it's not available through the Mecway interface.

    If you want uniform temperature rather than uniform heat flux, then that sounds more like an FEA problem and you could define the areas illuminated by the lamps as heat flux or heat flow rate then model the redistribution of heat within the object.
  • Oh, I see.

    Could you suggest me some software (open source) which does indeed solve that problem? I tried out Energy 2d ( ) and that does model heat flow like what I wanted but only in 2d, not in 3d.
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