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I'm trying to figure how do the gmsh options button work.
I have mesh an stp file in gmsh and save the opt file.
I have copy and paste the same opt in Mecway but it do not get the same mesh.
┬┐Has someone experience this feature?
I was planing to leave the general mesh options feature pasted and control the mesh result through that large variety of parameters available.
Step and options file.rar
1199 x 936 - 44K


  • It's supposed to work like that. Just be careful of the options that Mecway adds in the top and bottom panels since some might conflict with your own (Mesh.Format). The .opt file sent to Gmsh is the contents of the 3 boxes concatenated together.

    I can't seem to get Gmsh to mesh this file at all through Mecway. Is that what's happening for you too and it does work with Gmsh directly?

  • I'm using gmsh-3.0.6.Maybe that's the reason.
    For me meshing on mecway with gmsh works but do not reproduce the same mesh as directly in gmsh.
  • If you manually paste the 3 panels' contents together into a .opt file, and run it directly in Gmsh, does that match Mecway? That would show if it's those extra lines doing it.
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