Unable to obtain stress in thermal simulation

I have 2 materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion bonded together. The solver produces a displacement field at a high temperature, where the composite material deforms, but it could not provide a internal stress field.
Can anyone help? Thank you very much.


  • Paul, I have run on Mecway v8 and it produces the stress and deformation results, donĀ“t understand your doubt.
    2017-11-29 20_02_45-61d7563352a92c43cc5a7a07bd59fb.liml - Mecway.png
    1365 x 724 - 102K
  • Hi Sergio,
    Thanks for running it. I also got the von Mises stress. But I did not get the in-plane principal stress, stress in element coordinates, etc, as your picture also shows. Basically, I wanted to get the x,y,z components of the stress.
  • Could it be that in the new version you must ask for it specifically before solvin? I will check later.
  • Those items in red in the original picture are for shell elements, so they won't be there with solids like this. Replace them with these by right clicking on the Solution branch:

    in-plane principal stress -> principal stress
    stress in element coordinates -> stress

  • Thank you!
  • Thank you!
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