Why not?

I'm setting up a frequency analysis but I receive the attached message applying gravity load.

Why is not possible?
I tried to apply Dload by custom mode but Mecway ignore it.

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  • You might have attached the wrong image.

    Gravity should be OK though. You also have to add the stress stiffening under Loads & Constraints which triggers a *STATIC step to obtain stress which is used for a subsequent *FREQUENCY step.

    Custom step contents adds things to the *STATIC step, not the *FREQUENCY step, which I don't think is supposed to have any loads. Without stress stiffening, there's no *STATIC step to put the loads in.
  • OK... to add the parameter "perturbation" is possible only activating "stress stiffening". I tried modifying the inp file.

    PS Gravity could be applied for example to calculate period of body like a physical pendulum

    Excuse...the right one attached

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  • That should be right. Stress stiffening plus gravity specified through the Mecway interface would turn a pendulum into an equivalent spring.
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