I saw that tools -> mass with beam elements doesn't give a results after the analysis.

480 x 685 - 34K
469 x 650 - 24K


  • Thanks for pointing that out. It won't work for any CCX solutions. I'll disable that in the next version.
  • Leave the command also for CCX! If component are selected under Components&Materials tree the function runs correctly for the single component and runs again for the assembly
  • Perhaps that was the modeler where it worked? That's meant to be OK for both CCX and the internal solver. However, the solution from CCX isn't supposed to contain any material properties so it shouldn't be possible to show the mass.

    I'm reluctant to have the solution use the material definitions from the modeler because I want it to be a faithful output from CCX, not altered by what was specified in the model before solving. I can't be sure of accurately predicting all of CCX's behavior, especially if there are hand-written cards.
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