Mecway nolinear analysis result

Just want to know the meaning of strain in mecway7: TOSSTRAIN_EXX
and in Mecway8 change to as exx,eyy,ezz, does anyone know its meaning?


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    The strain in Mecway 8 is the taken from TOSTRAIN from CCX which according to the CCX manual is:

    "total Lagrangian strain for (hyper)elastic materials and incremental plasticity
    and the total Eulerian strain for deformation plasticity"

    Except Mecway converts the shear strains from CCX's tensor notation to the more common engineering (vector) notation and calls them γ to clarify the distinction. It does that by multiplying them by 2.

    In Mecway 7, the TOSTRAIN variables were the 6 tensor components of the same quantity.
  • so Mecway7&8 are same but TOSTRAIN EXY/EYZ/EXZ is different with CCX, can you help to tell the different of tensor and vector? or any training material to read, Thanks!
  • Mecway 7 and 8 shear strain values from CCX are different from each other. The tensor ones are labelled with ε or E but the engineering ones use γ where γ_ij = ε_ij*2. ij stands for xy, yz, or zx.

    I don't know any training materials sorry, but there's a lot of information about the topic around the place.
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