Use of displacement constraint

Can I get an explanation of how to set up a displacement constraint? I thought this would be a vector and I would define a point which would give a direction and magnitude from the origin, but there are x,y,z radio buttons as well as separate fields to enter x,y,z values (each are labeled with "Position, x,y,z") and a separate displacement (vector magnitude I assume) entry. I'm just not making sense of it.



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    It's like you suspect. The first 3 inputs are X, Y, Z components of the direction vector and the 4th "displacement" input is the "magnitude" of the displacement. See attached picture. I say magnitude in quotes because it's a signed value.

    The other parts you mentioned aren't fundamental to it. The 3 radio buttons are just shortcuts to set commonly used directions. "Position, x,y,z" refers to the unit selector next to it and is in case you use a formula so that the direction vector is a function of position.
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