MECWAY v8.0 working multithread with ccx

Good morning everybody,

First I want to thanks Victor for the new update. Nice upgrade !!!.

Second hope someone can help me on this question.
¿Is there any way to maintain MECWAY v8.0 working multithread with ccx?. I have been working nicely and fast according to forum suggestions with the “bconverged” solution 2.10 multithread but it is not working any more in MECWAY ver 8.0 probably due to “Dsload” change. I’m re-using some MECWAY ver7 files and they only run with newer ccx versions (I’m using v2.13) which I only found compiled for single core machines under windows.
Of course they still work nicely with internal solver.
¿Is there any way to make MACWAY multithread again with ccx or internal solver?

Thanks in advance.


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