Non compressable fluid

Is there any way to model hydraulic fluid? Either as a force dependant on volume (perhaps allowing microscopic volume changes to determine the pressure), or as a material? Or even as a force dependant on another force?
I see a compression only support which I don't think helps, and a fluid tab in materials which I can't seem to activate. The pressure force can only be dependant on time it seems.
Conceptually this would be a fluid filled pressure vessel which is exposed to external stress. Any single point distortion to the shell would increase/decrease the internal pressure and affect the shell stress at all points. I don't need to model any sort of fluid flow.

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  • You want fluid volume to be constant, so you can define a material with poisson ratio 0,499999 and very low young module.
    See attached model. Fluid module is constant.
    Incompressible fluid.liml
  • Very smart approach German! I work with another codes (Zebulon) where we can use a special card to keep a void volume constant. I will try to find a way to use this trick, maybe a filled bottle.
  • Very nice, I think that will work for me.

    Thank you,
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