Contact element overlap

Hello, I have made a model using contact, CCX. When I solve the model the deformed view shows the elements crossing each other. I have tried refining the mesh and swapping the master/slave parts relationship. I have also tried increasing and decreasing the the "slope of pressure-overclosure curve K" an order of magnitude. I haven't been able to stop the elements from overlapping (model attached). Any suggestions as to what else I should try? How much does the overlap (crashing) affect the stress solution or the displacement magnitude solution? Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. jhc


  • I had trouble uploading the file so I am attempting that again. jhc

    I got an error message: no data could be found in your post.

    I will try a compressed file. jhc
    M61212 Swedge_Ring v2C2 25-Oct-17 step1 - Copy.rar
  • I donĀ“t see penetration on your model, could it be that you are postprocessing with the default deformation scale factor (92.1x in this case)? In this way there is penetration, but is a display option. At real deformation (1x) looks like there is no penetration.
  • I will try the uncompressed file again; didn't work. Maybe the file is too big. jhc
  • Hi Sergio, thanks for your help.

    Okay then, 1x is the test. I had bee looking at a higher magnification. I usually lower the default magnification. I lowered the magnification to 10x and saw a much slighter overlap. I agree, when I look at 1x there is no visible overlap.

    Thank for your help. jhc
  • for what it is worth, I realized I did not send my most up to date model. Attached now.

    Thanks again for your help. jhc
    M61212 Swedge_Ring v2D4 27-Oct-17 step2.rar
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    For my opinion, to understand better the displacements, you must work using cylindrical coordinates. I know that is not possible inside Mecway so you can use CGX postprocessor. See attached radial displacements plot.

    Other aspect is the mesh. More gradual transition could lead to a better results
    600 x 600 - 195K
    1027 x 461 - 218K
  • Thanks to your request previously, in version 8, you can show cylindrical coordinates by entering the transformation formula in the postprocessor. There's an example for radial displacement in the manual.
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    I will try as soon as possible... thanks.

    PS Now I have to read again the list of new features because they are many
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