Load conditions and their combinations

Hello Victor,
I should combine different load conditions (configurations in MW7) multipling each load condition for a specificf coefficient (amplification factor). For example I have to calculate the reaction force in one point like combination of dead load (amplification factor 1.3) end wind load (amplification factor 1.5). So the combination is 1.3DL + 1.5 WL.
I would combine the reaction force in Excel changing the amplification factors without change data in MW.
In MW7 I created a configuration for gravity load and another for wind load, then I defined the tables for the extraction of the reaction force (I activated the option for the csv writing after solving). When I solve all configurations MW7 generates only the table for last configuration. How I can generate all the tables for all configurations?
I remember that the previous version of MW (version 6.0) allows to create load conditions available, by selection, in a single table.

Thanks, Marco


  • Version 7 doesn't do that, sorry. You'd have to solve the configurations one at a time and copy each csv file away before solving the next one.
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