Flexible Joint on Beam

I am simulating an electric linear actuator that has a ball swivel on one end and a clevis on the other end. I have used the "flexible joint on beam" feature but the result has bending in this member. This should not occur and I was wondering what I did wrong.


  • Yes, you should be able to have no bending like that.

    Check the little cylinder symbols on the ends of the beam. There should be 3 at the ball-joint end and 1 at the clevis end oriented the way the clevis pin would be.

    If that doesn't help, can you attach the liml file?
  • Victor,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I do have the cylinder symbols but moments still seems to be transferred. Please see attached file.

    New Model 20170907.liml
  • It looks like it's working OK.

    A possible reason is that the node values are misleading or meaningless for a complex space frame like this because they're an average of the values of all elements sharing each node. Use the element values, not the node values for quantities that can't be averaged between elements. Expand the Bending Moment about V, etc branches in the outline tree to find them. Or use mesh refinement.

    If that's not it, can you identify which ends of which beams have the wrong moments?
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