Gmsh meshing failed

I'm trying using gmsh with Mecway.
I Imported a .step that mehes OK with Netgen, but whith gmsh I get a message "Could not find mesh file" and "Meshing failed"
In the Mecwayinstance folder there are several files:

but no .msh file


  • It sounds like gmsh didn't generate any output. Perhaps take the .geo file and open it in Gmsh directly to see if it shows errors.
  • It's weird.
    Gmsh opens the geo file and saves the mesh, but windows can't see the file.
    I'm attaching the screen capture where you can see that component8.msh in the gmsh "open" dialog but not in the windows folder.
    In the "open" dialog I could edit the file with Notepad. If in Notepad I "save as" a different file, windows doesen't see it also.
    If I copy all the lines in the notepad, open an new Notepad file and paste into it, I can save as .msh and windows can see it.

    The same happens if I save other files with gmsh, windows can't see any file saved by gmsh.
    cant see msh.png
    1366 x 768 - 132K
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    That's very weird. Perhaps in Windows explorer:
    Refresh the display with F5
    Turn on showing Hidden items.

    It also sounds like UAC virtualization where only the applications that created the files can see them.
  • All hidden items are shown.
    This happens also if I run gmsh as administrator.
    The files are not in virtualstore.
    Running cmd and looking old fahion DOS DIR shows the sale files I can see in windows.
    It's like those files are gohst and only gmsh can see them.
    I tryed running in windows 8 compatibility mode also.
  • Just a shot in the dark... having Preview Pane enabled in Windows File Explorer can affect other programs in bizarre ways (scaling etc.). Try switching off Preview, then open a fresh Explorer with Preview still off.
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    German, nice to meet you, even more knowing that you are involved with UTN!!! I live very close to UTN Pacheco...

    About your problem, try to change the place were Mecway save the simulation files to the same folder as the lml file (in the options menu)

  • Dave,

    It is the same without preview panel.

    Serigio, I've tryed running gmsh directly from different folders and the problem persists.
    Only gmsh can see the files it saves, not windows file explorer or other programs, neither DOS Dir command.

    Thank you both for your help.
  • I found the problem.
    Gmsh was running in Comodo antivirus Sandbox, in a virtualized folder.
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