How to analyse the mesh quality?


I am using the trial version to assess the capabilities of this tool. 

I'd like to know if there is an option to evaluate the mesh quality such as aspect ratio or sag, as you can find in some other analysis software. Could somebody tell me how to check it in Mecway or if it is included in the full version?

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  • There's currently no feature for that, sorry. Alternatives for checking accuracy are looking at the size of stress discontinuities in the element values in the solution or a mesh convergence study.

  • To check mesh quality you can download GMSH (freeware).
    On Mecway save as "GMSH ASCII"
    Open GMSH and locate your mesh file. In GMSH go to "Tools" -> "Statistics" and you will find "SICN" "Gamma" "RHO".

    From GMSH documentation

    What is the signification of Rho, Eta and Gamma in Tools->Statistics?

    They measure the quality of the tetrahedra in a mesh:

    Gamma ~ inscribed_radius / circumscribed_radius
    Eta ~ volume^(2/3) / sum_edge_length^2
    Rho ~ min_edge_length / max_edge_length

    1712 x 971 - 718K
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