Max Number of increments reached error


I've had this error pop up a couple of times recently when using the automatic time step check box. Is there a limit we can change or anything like that? I've been working through how if you have 10 time steps (running as seconds, so 10 seconds) to actually get 10 seconds to run you need 1 in the increment box, however if you go 0.1 increments you need to go to 100 time steps to keep the 10 second run.

So something ive been playing with recently i decided to use the auto function and got
'max # of incrments reached'



  • That can be a bit of a problem. You should be able to work around it by setting a larger number of time steps and a corresponding smaller time step size. Then the automatic time stepping should bring that back to a sensible size as it solves. The number of time steps you specify is the number that it passes to CCX as the maximum allowed if it's more than 100.

    However, it raises the question of why you need so many time steps. Is there complicated deformation or loading happening that you want to capture at 100 different times or is it just struggling to converge at all - eg postbuckling?

  • To be honest I use the software for educating myself, so I'm just playing with different set ups really. Found it nice and easy to work in excel and copy and paste a table into displacement or whatever it is I'm doing.

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